First Steps

An introduction to integrating with Omneo

Getting Started with Omneo is a collection of guides designed to get developers up and running with Omneo as quickly as possible. We recommend Omneo Developers to become familiar with the [API Reference] ( before getting started.

New to Omneo?

Welcome! Here are some steps we recommend when onboarding with Omneo.

Check out the Omneo Helpcenter

The Omneo Developer hub is aimed at assisting developers use Omneo. Some places may assume prior knowledge in some features of Omneo discussed in the Helpcenter.
If you haven't already, check out the Omneo Helpcenter
The Helpcenter is a great place to learn about Omneo concepts.

Build your Data Dictionary

One of the first steps businesses take before building their first application, is designing their data dictionary. The data dictionary is a simple document for review purposes, mapping fields between Omneo and the client system together. Building a dictionary ensures data is utilised with the best possible outcome.
Your data dictionary is the first step in every new integration with Omneo, and can be constantly improved as your Omneo instance grows.
Your data dictionary could be created in any software you'd like, as long as it's easily understandable and maintainable. It's common to have a separate dictionary for each Omneo resource. For example, a business may have separate dictionaries for Profiles and Transactions.

Start syncing Profiles.

A great place to start with Omneo, is populating customer profiles. Many Omneo features rely on Profiles
Begin exploring the Profiles API, and Create a profile, Read a Profile.