Facebook Offline Event

Sync in-store transactions to facebook offline event datasource

What is facebook offline event

You can track your offline activities by using facebook offline events. This integration shows you how to use conversation api to sync in-store purchases into your offline event dataset.


Before you start to enable this integration, you need following item ready


Omneo team need to prepare

  1. Omneo Domain
  2. Omneo Token
  3. Omneo Shared Secret


  1. Facebook business account

Create datasource in Facebook

You will need to create offline event sets in order to store offline events, below are steps

  1. Go to Events Manager and make sure you select correct business account in top right dropdown menu
  2. Click Connect Data Sources in left menu panel
  3. Select Offline and click Get started
  1. Name your dataset, e.g. Offline Purchase
  1. Once created, you will see dashboard like below

  1. Click Set Up Conversions Api and follow the steps below. Please select Purchase as event

  1. In last screen shot above, please click Open Implementation Guide link in Manually Implement the api Yourself, and generate conversions api token, then save token somewhere.
  2. Go to Settings tab of your datasource, then copy Dataset ID and send it together with token in last step to Omneo.

Omneo team enable the offline event plugin

Once receive api token and dataset id, omeno team need to

  1. Create plugin settings (namespace: fb-offline-event) in dashboard, it requires
  • conversions_api_token: get this from client
  • pixel_id: dataset id from client
  • enabled: true
  • location_types: mapping for locations type to offline event data source, e.g.
  • fb_api_version: SDK version, e.g. v17.0
  1. Create entities in datastore of omneo-extensions project with
  • Omneo domain
  • Omneo token
  • Omneo Shared Secret
  1. Create Webhook in Omneo for transaction.created event and point to offline-event extension.