Shopify Proxy

What is the Shopify Proxy?

The Shopify Proxy is an Omneo provided API endpoint which developers can use to proxy their front end Shopify requests. The Shopify acts as an additional layer on top of Omneo ID to further secure calls to Omneo, when called from Shopify. (Liquid or other front end integrations).

Why should I proxy my requests on the front end?

A common example in many Shopify stores, is the need to display only the logged in users Omneo information on the front end, whilst maintaining no exposure to auth tokens.
Omneo ID is able to return a token for an individual user, but we must provide a Bearer token in the call, which should not be handled from Shopify front end.
The Shopify Proxy is used in this scenario, so we simply provide an encrypted key, and the users Shopify ID to the proxy, which then handles the communication with Omneo behind the scenes.
This removes the need of providing a bearer token from the front end, and also returns information relating to the authenticated profile in the request.