List Definitions

List Definitions

List Definitions define the core attributes of a list. For example, is this list able to be shared? Are items on this list able to be reserved by other users?

List Definitions can be thought of as the parents of the various types of product lists you wish to implement, with individual lists inheriting their attributes from the List Definition ID you assign.


Please note!

All fields marked with an * are required

To create a new list definition, you can use POST:

POST: https://{tenant}

Example data:

    "name": "<string>", *
    "handle": "<string>", *
    "type": "<string>", *
    "short_description": "<string>",
    "description": "<string>",
    "allow_share": "<boolean>",
    "allow_quantity": "<boolean>",
    "allow_reserve": "<boolean>",
    "allow_custom_product": "<boolean>",
    "is_published": "<boolean>",
    "is_active": "<boolean>",
    "meta": "<array>",
    "tags": [


To update a List Definition, use PUT:

PUT: https://{tenant}{definition_id}

To retrieve a List Definition, you can use GET:

GET: https://{tenant}{definition_id}

And if you would like to delete an entire List Definition, use DELETE:

DELETE: https://{tenant}{definition_id}

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