Product List Items

Product List Items

Each Product List is a collection of one or more List Items. List Items can be a product from the Omneo Product object, or a custom user defined product.

To create a List Item, use POST:

POST: https://{tenant}{profile_id}/lists/{list_id}/items

In the below example data, items marked with a * are required if they are the ONLY attribute included in the data:

  "product_variant_sku": "<string>", *
  "product_variant_barcode": "<string>", *  
  "product_category_id": "<integer>", *
  "product_variant_id": "<integer>", * 
  "product_id": "<integer>", *
  "external_id": "<string>", *
  "quantity": "<integer>",
  "position": "<integer>"


Please Note

In order to add an item with quantity, the list definition needs to have "allow_quantity" enabled.

You can also create a custom list item (or custom product) by using POST. This is only allowed if the list definition has "allow_custom_product" enabled:

POST: https://{tenant}{profile_id}/lists/{list_id}/custom

Example data:

   "name": "<string>", *
   "description": "<string>",
   "barcode": "<string>",
   "sku": "<string>",
   "price": "<number>",
   "url": "<string>",
   "currency": "<string>",
   "image_url": "<string>",
   "quantity": "<integer>",
   "position": "<integer>"

If you need to remove a List Item, you can use DELETE:

DELETE: https://{tenant}{profile_id}/lists/{list_id}/items/{item_id}

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