Event Contexts

Omneo Contexts are returned as the response of an event. This could be a webhook trigger, or a Reaction trigger.
The data returned in a context slightly differers to that of an API response. Omneo Contexts often wrap up relevant details such as profile aggregations, or flattened tags to make it easier for developers to access these details via the webhook.
Developers often need to access these extra details as part of the webhook, to avoid calling back to Omneo to fetch the details.

Details on the exact fields available for each context can be found along side the resources API documentation, an example being the Profile context found here


The body of a webhook is the resource Context. When designing a function to process an Omneo webhook, keep in mind the Context is returned in the body, not the usual API response.

Reactions and Targets

The available data in a reaction or target sources from the Omneo Context.
All fields in the context, are available for use when building Reactions or Target templates.

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